Save Oceanic Systems

The SOS mission is to bring awareness to the ocean food chain that starts towards the middle of the ocean with two small ocean creatures, anchovies and krill.  The salmon industry has been using anchovies to feed salmon that are in penned farms and ocean cages.  Anchovies are a year or two from being extinct according to the NOAA. The salmon feeding industry has just launched a new krill catcher ship that is capable of swallowing whole schools of krill.  A large male whale eats 40 million krill a day. The ship just keeps swallowing krill until full then heads to port or another mother ship to unload, and then returns to fill up again, again and again. A mechanical whale that never gets satisfied. The salmon industry pays nothing for this resource, free to those that can get it, and with an estimate of an increased population to 19 billion from 7.7 billion today.  The salmon industry pays nothing for this resource and will take the free fish feed from the ocean and increase the salmon tonnage which means a decrease in anchovies and krill for free of or no charge.

The recently approved by Canadian Parliament, camelina oil can be fed to salmon. We have the ability to create liquid additives to make the nutrition of quality and feed better for salmon fillets, more nutritious, firmer meat, better color, better taste, healthier fish and industry. 

Canada has approved camelina oil for feed to salmon. Canada is Genetically Modified Organisms certified (GMO), affiliated as is all of North, South, and Central America which means camelina oil is the base ingredient and can have additives included as prescribed by salmon growth labs, this will be a boon for salmon fisheries and industry worldwide. 

SOS wants to be proactive with the salmon industry to create a renewable plant oil as a sustainable salmon feed in Canada that is replenished by a green plant crop that is renewable and sustainable and not eliminating the bottom of the food chain that all of the fish of the ocean eat.

SOS wants to bring attention to the food chain cycles that feed the fish of the oceans. Everyone in the fishing industry has a sustainable stake; our group with this common interest being, the salmon fillet should be able to cause a more forward looking stabilized salmon industry, where we all contribute to the management of our industry as a total concept of oceanic health. 

SOS will bring an understanding of free ocean feed; for salmon or pay per pound like everyone else for food going forward. The oceanic bounty cannot survive without limits on harvesting its wealth.

We will post news announcements as they become available. SOS will start a legal fund to research the fishing practices so that we maybe able to understand more fully the fishing guidelines and laws that apply to oceanic fishing. To that cause be able to hire a legal council that is educated in the field. Please help SOS to be able to seek maritime shipping, sailing, and ocean management laws to further our case to limit "fish for feed" and possibly a ruling that enables the world court to charge for the use of small fish in the oceans. The oceans belong to humanity. Please allow us to help bring this atrocity to an end around the world.


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